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Store Policies



Start of Work: No work will be done on any order until we receive valid payment in full in advance, and also an approved proof from our system.



Turn Around Time: Your order will be printed and shipped or mailed within 3-5 business days of order.  (Business hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time).



Shipping: All orders will be shipped per your selection via Fedex ground unless you choose to have us mail for you. 



Returns: No refunds on custom printed materials.



Cancellations: Any order cancelled prior to printing, will incur a $50.00 design/handling charge. Once the job is printed, there are no refunds. This includes situations where you are not happy with the way your files turn out due to poor photography, low resolution photos, typos, poor design, or you are not happy with the way the color compares to how it looks on your printer or screen. You are approving the proof prior to payment, 100% of the responsibility for quality and accuracy is yours. Once your order is placed, we immediately begin the process of converting the file to the proper format for printing, which takes time and costs money. Should you choose to cancel, it is only fair that we are compensated for that time and expense.  


Rework Caused by Client's Error: We realize that there will be times when the client makes a mistake when entering their data or images, and does not catch the mistake when proofing. Should this happen, and you desire a reprint, we will reprint the job at a 50% discount off the printing price. This does not include mailing cost or freight. If you choose to have us re-mail a job, you will pay 100% of that cost.



Color Accuracy: We print to "pleasing color" standards. That means we will do our best to make sure the job looks good and professional. We do not guarantee any color match to either your screen or a printout you may get from your printer, or any printer. It is impossible for us to know what you see on your screen.  All our proofing is done via PDF file, and it will look different on different computer screens. On top of that, computer screen produce color using RGB Light. Printing presses use four color process (CMYK) colors. It is impossible for these two different systems to match exactly.





Our prices are discounted to a level that we must move orders efficiently through our system and cannot get hung up on trying to perfectly match a color. Should you require perfect color matches, we suggest going to a local print shop where you can view hardcopy - color accurate proofs.



Sales Tax: There is zero sales tax in 49 states except Missouri. Orders shipped to Missouri are subject to sales tax.



Postal Delivery Time: We cannot be held responsible for late or lost deliveries by the USPS. If requested, we will provide proof that we delivered your postcards to the post office in a timely fashion after your proof was approved, and that the correct list was used. After that, the order is in the hands of the USPS, and it is their responsibility. Keep in mind that standard mail (bulk mail ) orders will generally take 2-4 weeks form the date they were dropped off at the Chesterfield, Missouri post office. First class is typically delivered in 1-7 days. We do not recommend using standard (bulk) mail if your postcards are time sensitive.

Damage to Postcards Due to Post Office: We will not be responsible for damage done to postcards as a result of USPS handling.  It is common for the USPS' equipment to damage mail in many ways, such as marks, roller marks, smudges, dirt, wrinkles, tears, etc.   Furthermore no refunds will be offered for mail that is damaged. 



Proof Approval : You are 100% responsible for approving your order for printing. Should an error be discovered after you have approved the proof, this is your responsibility.  No refund or reprint will be authorized at our expense. The reason for proofing is so that you can double check your work. Should you desire a reprint, we will reprint the job at a 50% discount off the printing price. This does not include mailing cost or freight. If you choose to have us re-mail a job, you will pay 100% of that cost.



Note that by checking the "I have reviewed the proofs below in detail, and agree the content is 100% correct and ready to print." box when you place an order, you are acknowledging that you have agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions.



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