October 27, 2007

Real estate investing newsletters

Real Estate Investing Newsletters

Real estate investing newsletters are usually sent out to those who want to buy property which they will use to make money. There are different types of investment property one could buy. These are usually listed in these newsletters sent out to investors.

Real estate investing newsletters are sent out for the purpose of informing investors of available property. Listings of property included in these newsletters are apartment complexes, commercial buildings, rental property, vacation property, and resort property. Detailed descriptions of each are included with these property listings.

The descriptions of investment property would include items such as how much each listing is, the land area of each piece of real estate, the value of the homes on these investment properties as well. Other information that may be included would be how much revenue has been produced by the use of these properties in recent years, as well as how well the economy of surrounding areas is. All this information can help investors make an educated choice.

Those who want to receive information about investment property can sign up for real estate investing newsletters. These newsletters are usually sent to people free of charges. Sometimes, however, there is a charge for these newsletters, depending upon the realtor. Some investors may also receive these newsletters when they sign up to be a member of a particular realtor organization.

Those who want to receive real estate investing newsletters can do so by ordering them online or by telephone. Often they can be sent to those interested within minutes of signup by e-mail. This is useful information for those who are serious about making money off of investment property.

Those who are real estate agents looking to recruit more investors can easily make real estate investing newsletters to send out to people. This is the easiest way to keep large groups of interested people informed. Sending out newsletters is a very useful marketing strategy as well.

The easiest way to distribute real estate investing newsletters is to create one that can be sent by e-mail. These can be sent to interested recipients all at once, and is a very effective way to advertise.

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October 25, 2007

real estate recipe postcards

Real Estate Recipe Postcards

Did you ever consider sending real estate recipe postcards to your client? If not, maybe you should consider it now. What a great way to draw more clients into your business!

The trick to winning over clients to your business is to advertise to them with items they can use. The real estate recipe postcards are one such item. You may want to make sure that you have a variety on hand to give out in your office so your customers can choose which one (or more than one) that they would want.

You can also get to know your new clients and find out a little about them. Talking about their favorite foods is always a great casual conversation piece. In fact, you can keep a file of recipes in your computer or your filing drawer and print them off if you have any artistic ability. Or, you can have quite a few different recipe cards made up. Then, after you learn what your clients favorite food it, you can send that person a recipe card that they can keep.

You may also want to have magnetic real estate recipe postcards made up as well. These will help promote your business, and they would be especially useful because all your contact information would be posted right out in the open conveniently in your clients home. Furthermore, friends and family of your client will notice these and be curious about your particular real estate business.

Real estate recipe postcards are a quite unique way to advertise your business. You can make your own recipe cards for your real estate business or you can have them ordered from print shops. You can order these right online if you want to. You can also find them at real estate marketing sites as well. If you go to a site you may be even able to download a PDF file of a catalog of different recipe card styles.

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October 23, 2007

Real Estate Postcards

A real estate professional should know that in order to be successful one need to know proper sales as well as marketing & usage of real estate postcard is essential when it would come to marketing his product.
Ones who use postcards maintain high visibility with their prospects. A customized real estate marketing postcard can leave a positive & lasting impression on the customer.
Real estate postcards are useful for many reasons:
One can cast a wide net & reach a wide sector of people for a relatively inexpensive price & sending postcards repeatedly is the key to identity branding& when a person starts thinking of a real estate transaction, he/she would first think of the professional whose post cards he/she had been receiving.
It doesnt take much time to reach a lot of people via postcards. All one needs to do is to identify the sector of target clients & then send them postcards on a regular basis. However, one needs to keep in mind that the post cards sent must be interesting enough for the client to have a look at it & also keep in mind that postcards shouldnt be sent so frequently that the client gets annoyed.
One could also use the postcard as a business card by adding phone number, address & other contact details; it would then become easier for the client to contact.
A post card could also be used for the announcing of new listing of properties.

To conclude, there is limitless possibility of what a real estate professional could do with postcards. However, one needs to be imaginative & creative while designing a postcard. One needs to think of unique concepts to design postcards. For example a colored postcard with a picture & information of the property as well as the real estate professional client would definitely please the client. In short, the postcard should be professionally done so that the client starts feeling positively.

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October 20, 2007

Real Estate Holiday Postcards Increase Business

The holidays can be a hard time to sell a house, making it a not very booming time in the real estate industry. There are just so many extra holiday things to do with shopping, baking, and decorating, no one wants to take on the additional responsibility of putting their house on the market. Agents have two choices they can either sit and wait out the slow period, or they can put themselves out there and advertise more aggressively to pick up some more business.

One idea for raising business during the holidays is to send out real estate holidays postcards. These postcards have a nice wintry or holiday theme on them, and carry an agents logo, name and contact information. Sometimes agents event print the information of a house they have recently sold, showing how profitable of an agent they are.

Real estate holiday postcards have proven to be very popular and profitable, making them very effective. If the people receiving the cards arent interested in putting their house on the market just yet, they are very apt to remember the agents name when they are ready to sell in a month or two, when the excitement of the holidays has died down.

The designs on these holiday postcards can be both charming and attractive, with wintry scenes, ornaments, lit trees, etc. Often postcards can even be designed especially for an agent with the help of a designer will work directly with the agent to create something very special. These holiday postcards can either be printed in a small size of 5.5 x 4.25, or a much larger size of 8.5 x 5.5. Many times it can be arranged for the printers to do the mailing as well of these postcards, leaving the agent free to pursue more business. The printer only needs to be provided with a mailing list to carry out this additional service.

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October 17, 2007


Sending real estate postcards or direct mailing list is a convenient and affordable way to market your business or services. There are several ways in which you could improve your real estate postcards.
Raise your offers. Some offers free consultations, however this is not a good approach anymore because people nowadays know that consultation is part of your job as an agent. As an agent what should you do? You can offer other services or other information that they may find useful. A good example would be seminars in home buying and some landscaping assessment services.
Do not send the same mailing list to your clients. Bear in mind that not all clients are the same. You must know the status of your client. There are different ways to section your list of clients. There are clients who rent homes and there are also clients who have their own homes, there are also buyers and sellers. Determine the proper way to approach them in your mailing list. Adapting the real estate postcards to the needs of the receiver is more effective than providing them with a general real estate postcard.
Real estate postcards should be up to date and fit the needs of the clients you are sending it with.
The most important thing before mailing your postcard is to check your mailing list. Make sure they are updated and correct. How could you send real estate postcards if you do not know the addresses of your receiver? You should also determine how safe your files are in your computer. It is always a must that you have a back up of all your files especially your mailing list. New prospective clients as well as those previous clients you dealt with should be properly recorded in your files.

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October 14, 2007

The Win-Win Situation of Real Estate Just Listed Postcards

Real Estate Just Listed postcards are a great way for agents and agencies to increase their client base. They are quite an effective marketing tool, and are much more than just a source of showing off an agents success.

The purpose of these Just Listed postcards is to show prospective clients how successful a real estate agent or agency is. These work especially well being sent to homes that are in their same general neighborhood as the house that has just been listed. Chances are they are being sent to people that know the seller, and it helps their friends build a trust with the real estate agent or agency.

Another way in which these real estate Just Listed postcards work is by sending the cards out to other house owners that might be looking to purchase a house like the one pictured on the card. While it will pick up interest in that individual house, it will also let the prospective buyers know that the real estate agent or agency sells the type of house that they are looking for. If every time a house is listed with the agent or agency, a postcard is sent out advertising the fact, it will keep the name in the back of the minds of people that could possibly be looking to sell or buy very soon.

These Just Listed postcards can be ordered in a variety of different styles. They can be small at 5.5 x 4.25, or big at 8.5 x 5.5. Often the print and design agencies that handle the real estate postcard business will have several attractive designs to choose from to advertise the Just Listed house, but they can also make custom designed cards, that have a designer and the real estate agent working together to create the perfect design.

These Real Estate Just Listed postcards are a win-win situation. Buyers and sellers will come together, and the agent or agency will be reaping the benefits, both financial and otherwise.

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