February 1, 2006

Commercial Real Estate Marketing and Appreciating your Real Estate Customers

If you’re doing a good job marketing your real estate business, eventually you get some listings and make some sales. Service after the sale and expressing your appreciation for your customer’s business are almost as important as the sale itself. After all, your satisfied customer is probably the best source of new business.

There are many ways to show your appreciation and celebrate a new client’s sale or purchase of a home. After the closing, visit your new homeowner with a small gift with a “new homeowner” theme. Agents have used “Our New Home” journals with great success. These journals allow the new homeowner to keep track of important service and equipment purchases for their new home. Imprinted with your name and contact information, it can be a much-appreciated reminder of your services in the years to come.

Other closing gifts may include welcome home mats, American flags, calendars, planners and neighborhood cookbooks. New homeowners will certainly appreciate any of these gifts, and your name will be around for a while.

Need to celebrate sale? Thank the seller with a moving organizer, guide to their new neighborhood, or the cookbook mentioned above. Often, these small tokens of appreciation guarantee that if they ever return to the area, or someone they know moves nearby, your name will be mentioned.

Expressing your appreciation to your customers is a great way of building a relationship with them that can pay unexpected dividends. Explore ways to make sure that your customers know how important they are to you and your business.

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