July 6, 2006


Promotional Mailers play a vital role in the Real Estate Business. Its a direct method to catch the attention of the prospective clients. In fact it is regarded as one of the pivotal marketing tactic to reach hard to reach people.
Traditionally a promotional mailer is sent to customer as hard copy, however with the entire world being linked by the web even soft copies of the mailer creates an equal or at times a greater impact than a traditional mailer.
A real estate promotional mailer would be most effective if the if certain procedures are followed diligently namely; promotional mailers should be sent to target clients as well as existing clients, The contact of the agent should be visible on the mailer clearly, it is said that a picture is worth many words, full color property broachers should be there along with/ on the mailer which would give the characteristics of the property in a precise manner, the open house RSVPs & the exchange opportunities should be clearly mentioned on the mailers.

Other than the procedures mentioned above the success of a real estate mailer also depends if the following principles are followed while preparing the mailer:
Proper research has to be done before preparing the mailer.
Proper logistics like how long will be the mailer, how many copies to be sent etc should be determined before hand.
The target audience & their needs & expectations should be kept into constant consideration.
Proper objective of the mailer should be determined ; namely what exactly one would want its mailer to do l whether to make the target audience curious to ask further questions or simply provide them with information .
Determining proper angle is also important; which would also mean how different one can make his/her promotional mailer different from other competitors.

One should remember that a promotional mailer in itself will not be enough to conclude a sale. A promotional mailer has to be succeeded by a face to face interaction & proper follow up.

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