November 11, 2007


Sending real estate postcards or direct mailing list is a convenient and affordable way to market your business or services. There are several ways in which you could improve your real estate postcards.
Raise your offers. Some offers free consultations, however this is not a good approach anymore because people nowadays know that consultation is part of your job as an agent. As an agent what should you do? You can offer other services or other information that they may find useful. A good example would be seminars in home buying and some landscaping assessment services.
Do not send the same mailing list to your clients. Bear in mind that not all clients are the same. You must know the status of your client. There are different ways to section your list of clients. There are clients who rent homes and there are also clients who have their own homes, there are also buyers and sellers. Determine the proper way to approach them in your mailing list. Adapting the real estate postcards to the needs of the receiver is more effective than providing them with a general real estate postcard.
Real estate postcards should be up to date and fit the needs of the clients you are sending it with.
The most important thing before mailing your postcard is to check your mailing list. Make sure they are updated and correct. How could you send real estate postcards if you do not know the addresses of your receiver? You should also determine how safe your files are in your computer. It is always a must that you have a back up of all your files especially your mailing list. New prospective clients as well as those previous clients you dealt with should be properly recorded in your files.

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