November 1, 2007

Postcards for real estate are great marketing tools:

Nowadays, real estate agents all over the world have realized the potential of using post cards as an effective marketing tool. The main reason for postcards being popular as a marketing tool is because it is affordable and attention grabbing. Anyone and everyone can afford to use a post card as a marketing tool.
As there is no need of an envelope, not only is cost minimized, your message is immediately recognized by the recipient. Being highly visible, postcards generally generate immediate response as a marketing tool. And with the modern printing methods of today, the real estate postcards have become more affordable and attractive than ever!
When starting on postcard marketing, it is better to first make a custom mailing list of the households you intend to reach and then finesse the list data so as to get as much discount as possible in post. Some people may throw away the postcard after reading it; however, within this time span, the reader may have already got the marketing message in the postcard. The postcard is in fact the best means of getting the attention of someones attention than any other mail piece. This is because the headline and the marketing message are there shouting at the reader with no envelop to open or paper to sort through.

Not only is the cost of printing a postcard cheaper, mailing it is also cheaper. Moreover, with postcards, you can mail them in bulk mail with no reason to pay for first class postage. However, never think that mailing a single postcard once a year will do you good. You have to make it a point to budget a percentage of your commissions for regular mailings every month. Dont waste time hesitating to place a certain amount of money aside for postcards every month as in the long run, postcard marketing indeed helps and will pay you back over time. Post cards for real estate are great marketing tools indeed.

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