October 25, 2007

real estate recipe postcards

Real Estate Recipe Postcards

Did you ever consider sending real estate recipe postcards to your client? If not, maybe you should consider it now. What a great way to draw more clients into your business!

The trick to winning over clients to your business is to advertise to them with items they can use. The real estate recipe postcards are one such item. You may want to make sure that you have a variety on hand to give out in your office so your customers can choose which one (or more than one) that they would want.

You can also get to know your new clients and find out a little about them. Talking about their favorite foods is always a great casual conversation piece. In fact, you can keep a file of recipes in your computer or your filing drawer and print them off if you have any artistic ability. Or, you can have quite a few different recipe cards made up. Then, after you learn what your clients favorite food it, you can send that person a recipe card that they can keep.

You may also want to have magnetic real estate recipe postcards made up as well. These will help promote your business, and they would be especially useful because all your contact information would be posted right out in the open conveniently in your clients home. Furthermore, friends and family of your client will notice these and be curious about your particular real estate business.

Real estate recipe postcards are a quite unique way to advertise your business. You can make your own recipe cards for your real estate business or you can have them ordered from print shops. You can order these right online if you want to. You can also find them at real estate marketing sites as well. If you go to a site you may be even able to download a PDF file of a catalog of different recipe card styles.

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