October 20, 2007

Real Estate Holiday Postcards Increase Business

The holidays can be a hard time to sell a house, making it a not very booming time in the real estate industry. There are just so many extra holiday things to do with shopping, baking, and decorating, no one wants to take on the additional responsibility of putting their house on the market. Agents have two choices they can either sit and wait out the slow period, or they can put themselves out there and advertise more aggressively to pick up some more business.

One idea for raising business during the holidays is to send out real estate holidays postcards. These postcards have a nice wintry or holiday theme on them, and carry an agents logo, name and contact information. Sometimes agents event print the information of a house they have recently sold, showing how profitable of an agent they are.

Real estate holiday postcards have proven to be very popular and profitable, making them very effective. If the people receiving the cards arent interested in putting their house on the market just yet, they are very apt to remember the agents name when they are ready to sell in a month or two, when the excitement of the holidays has died down.

The designs on these holiday postcards can be both charming and attractive, with wintry scenes, ornaments, lit trees, etc. Often postcards can even be designed especially for an agent with the help of a designer will work directly with the agent to create something very special. These holiday postcards can either be printed in a small size of 5.5 x 4.25, or a much larger size of 8.5 x 5.5. Many times it can be arranged for the printers to do the mailing as well of these postcards, leaving the agent free to pursue more business. The printer only needs to be provided with a mailing list to carry out this additional service.

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