February 20, 2006

Just listed cards can be just the ticket to promote your real estate business.

With these handy, colorful and inexpensive post cards you can be sure your message will be read from start to finish. Just listed cards give you the opportunity to not only sell the property of your client but sell yourself as well. You can let people know you have this great home for sale, and you can tell them how to reach you if they have a home to sell, or want to see this property or others. You can publish your Web site on these just listed cards, which, of course, should offer access to the local MLS listings as well.

With the right layout of your just listed cards you can display and talk about up to four homes or commercial properties that have recently gone on the market.

There are firms online whose sole business is to provide you with cost-effective, creative and attractive just listed cards as well as other realtor postcards for personal messages, special occasion greetings, general real estate marketing or just sold announcements.

The just listed cards, for example, if used to display one new listing, would have a cropped photo of the property, a cropped photo of you - the agent - and your company logo. Of course, you'd have room for a short message such as company mission and call to action, as well as contact information.

A firm that specializes in producing these just listed cards for you can design and mass produce them for you and leave them to you to mail, or they can do all the mail outs as well.

However you choose to proceed, your just listed cards can really work!

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