November 20, 2006

Real Estate Recipe Postcards An Important Ingredient To Increasing Business

Real estate agents all over are finding that the marketing technique of using recipe postcards to advertise their business works quite well. They are increasing their client leads with these postcards that are easy to implement, are customized, and that arent thrown in the trash as soon as they are received.

There are many design and print companies out there to set the marketing plan of using real estate recipe postcards in motion. The cards will be delivered to the agent ready to be addressed and mailed out, at his or her leisure. The most useful way to use these postcards is to send them regularly with a series of recipes, that somehow connect with another, such as monthly, with a recipe that would be particularly meaningful and memorable in that month.

Along with delectable recipes, each card is imprinted with the realtors logo, name and contact information. This can either be left as simply as that, or it could include some information about the realtors business or recent sales in the area in which they are doing the mailing. A catchy phrase can be added as well, such as discussing the agent as being the missing ingredient in potential clients home sales.

The reason these real estate recipe postcards work so well is that unlike regular boring mailings, these arent as likely to be thrown in the trash the minute they are received. Those receiving them are are apt to keep them around just so they can try the recipes on the card, whether or not they are even thinking of selling their home at that moment. Once they do decide to sell their house, the real estate agents name on the back of all those recipes they have been receiving will be one of the first names they think of.

Using these recipe cards is such a tremendous marketing tool to increase business. And being that they arent likely to be thrown away, the increase in business will continue for some time. They keep selling the business, even when the real estate agent is taking some much-needed time off.

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