August 18, 2008

Easily Invest in Foreclosures

One of the biggest problems that most people encounter when deciding to get started in investing in real estate is just learning the ropes. Getting to know the right people can be an overwhelming job that will stop you dead in your tracks. After all you need a realtor, banker, broker, title company, attorney just to get started.

I recently found a company that will do literally 95% of the work necessary to help you buy foreclosed homes. This company will find properties for you, provide financing if you need it, fix the house up with any repairs necessary, find tenants and collect the rents for you.

Over the last couple of months I have personally purchased 4  homes using a company in Memphis Tennessee and cannot believe how simple it is. I live 1300 miles away from these homes and now sit back and collect rent checks. They put me in contact with everyone that I needed to know and held my hand through the process.

Invest in Memphis Tennessee Foreclosures.

If you decide to work with this company you will be glad that you did.

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November 11, 2007


Sending real estate postcards or direct mailing list is a convenient and affordable way to market your business or services. There are several ways in which you could improve your real estate postcards.
Raise your offers. Some offers free consultations, however this is not a good approach anymore because people nowadays know that consultation is part of your job as an agent. As an agent what should you do? You can offer other services or other information that they may find useful. A good example would be seminars in home buying and some landscaping assessment services.
Do not send the same mailing list to your clients. Bear in mind that not all clients are the same. You must know the status of your client. There are different ways to section your list of clients. There are clients who rent homes and there are also clients who have their own homes, there are also buyers and sellers. Determine the proper way to approach them in your mailing list. Adapting the real estate postcards to the needs of the receiver is more effective than providing them with a general real estate postcard.
Real estate postcards should be up to date and fit the needs of the clients you are sending it with.
The most important thing before mailing your postcard is to check your mailing list. Make sure they are updated and correct. How could you send real estate postcards if you do not know the addresses of your receiver? You should also determine how safe your files are in your computer. It is always a must that you have a back up of all your files especially your mailing list. New prospective clients as well as those previous clients you dealt with should be properly recorded in your files.

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November 9, 2007

marketing tools real estate postcards

Marketing Tools Real Estate Postcards

Are you a real estate agent looking for new marketing tools? Real estate postcards can really help make your business grow. These postcards usually come in both 3×5 sizes and 5×7 sizes. These also come in a variety of styles as well.

Some styles of real estate postcards include one-colored styles and multi-colored styles. If a real estate agent is looking for effective marketing tools real estate postcards also can be made with photos of just listed homes or property as well. Some real estate postcards can also display the particular style of home that a buyer is looking for.

Those who are looking for new real estate marketing tools real estate postcards can work for them. Most real estate agents use them to pass along contact information to potential home and property buyers using these cards.

There are generally two standard postcard sizes that these marketing tools, real estate postcards, come in. Those standard sizes are 3×5 sizes and 5 x 7 sizes. Postage can be printed right on these cards or stamps can be individually added to these cards. Postage for these costs less than mailing complete packages in envelope and uses less paper to produce. Still, they are very effective in getting the word out.

If you are a small real estate office looking for new useful marketing tools, real estate postcards can be made right out of your office. This is a great way to save money on advertising and get the word out. If you or any people you have working for you are creative enough with printing advertisements this can save you money.

Mailing postcards to potential and existing real estate buyers is one of the most effective marketing tools. Real estate postcards can say quite a bit in a small amount of space. Make sure that you design them very carefully. You have many options to choose from when creating them.

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November 7, 2007

The New Trend In Internet Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents dont need to rely on traditional means to advertise their business, such as the old standby of print marketing or endless cold calls. Its time for them to take advantage of the option staring them right in the face internet marketing. This could mean an end to endless mailing and uncomfortable cold calling for agents willing to make that bold first step to increasing their business.

Many people dont pick up the phone book and start calling and interviewing agents anymore. With the average homeowner on a computer hooked up to the internet at their home or business throughout much of their day, its much easier just to type up the criteria into a search engine and peruse the information at ones leisure, increasing the trend in internet marketing for real estate agents.

In addition to the ease of searching for a real estate agent on the internet, this marketing process also has the potential of reaching more people. When a person or family is looking for a home, but living out-of-state, it makes it easier for them to find houses in the area they seeking. It then becomes much more feasible for them to line up a selection of houses they like, and fly or drive in just for the weekend to see just those houses. No time is wasted by seeing houses they arent satisfied with from the time they walk through the door.

Even real estate agents that dont know much about internet marketing can take part in the trend. Mostly they just need to dedicate themselves to becoming more knowledgeable about the internet, and they also need to invest more of their advertising dollars into the internet end of marketing, instead of leaning so heavily on the print market. Basically, theres no reason to not begin this now, as the agent stands to increase his business considerably.

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November 1, 2007

Postcards for real estate are great marketing tools:

Nowadays, real estate agents all over the world have realized the potential of using post cards as an effective marketing tool. The main reason for postcards being popular as a marketing tool is because it is affordable and attention grabbing. Anyone and everyone can afford to use a post card as a marketing tool.
As there is no need of an envelope, not only is cost minimized, your message is immediately recognized by the recipient. Being highly visible, postcards generally generate immediate response as a marketing tool. And with the modern printing methods of today, the real estate postcards have become more affordable and attractive than ever!
When starting on postcard marketing, it is better to first make a custom mailing list of the households you intend to reach and then finesse the list data so as to get as much discount as possible in post. Some people may throw away the postcard after reading it; however, within this time span, the reader may have already got the marketing message in the postcard. The postcard is in fact the best means of getting the attention of someones attention than any other mail piece. This is because the headline and the marketing message are there shouting at the reader with no envelop to open or paper to sort through.

Not only is the cost of printing a postcard cheaper, mailing it is also cheaper. Moreover, with postcards, you can mail them in bulk mail with no reason to pay for first class postage. However, never think that mailing a single postcard once a year will do you good. You have to make it a point to budget a percentage of your commissions for regular mailings every month. Dont waste time hesitating to place a certain amount of money aside for postcards every month as in the long run, postcard marketing indeed helps and will pay you back over time. Post cards for real estate are great marketing tools indeed.

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October 29, 2007

postcards real estate just listed cards

Postcards Real Estate Just Listed Cards

Are you looking for new ways to promote with real estate postcards? Real estate just listed cards are one of the greatest uses of this particular marketing tool.

If you want to advertise your real estate for sale with postcards, real estate just listed cards are great ways to show off your latest listings. You can have specially made cards with photos of land, houses, commercial businesses, farms property, and more displayed on them. These photos actively demonstrate you and a realty company as well as the particular listings that you offer.

There are a few ways you can distribute these real estate postcards. Real estate just listed cards can be mailed out to all the potential and current buyers on your list. They can also be hand delivered to potential buyers that you speak with in your office.

You can also mail holiday postcards. Real estate just listed cards are one example of real estate postcards that can be mailed during the holidays. They are brief and to the point and way more attractive than pages and pages of homes that your potential buyers may not even be interested in.

If you plan on having effective holiday and general advertising mailings, just keep in mind one thing. That is to make sure that you only send the mailings to people who would want them. This is the most effective way to be successful in your campaign of marketing real estate with postcards. Real estate just listed cards will be most effective in this case.

When you send out real estate postcards, real estate just listed cards are great ways to show off your latest home or property listings. You can put the name of your real estate office on these as well as the contact information for yourself and/or each of the realtors working in your office.

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