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Designing Your Marketing Campaigns with Real Estate Postcards

One of the most important parts of your work as a real estate agent is that of marketing campaigns and real estate postcards. Using the real estate postcards as part of your marketing campaign can only enhance the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign. If you can download your own images, and thus make the real estate postcards personalized
with pictures of local properties for sale, you will increase the effectiveness of your campaign even more.


Though not mandatory, enhancing your marketing campaigns with real estate postcards is a very effective tool, and as already mentioned, it can be more effective if you are able to include local images on your postcards instead of generic ones. The more information you can include on your real estate postcards in the way of local images and information, the more effective your marketing campaign will be. That doesn't mean you have to buy the large size postcards and include all of the information, but just a couple of sentences such as when and for how much the last house in their neighborhood sold. Sometimes people
are not anxious to sell their present house and buy another one because they don't feel they are able to obtain a good price. If they know they can get a fair price, they are more likely to consider the prospect of buying a bigger house.


You want to be certain to direct your marketing campaigns and real estate postcards in the areas where they will make a difference. Impoverished areas and regions of high unemployment are not likely to be worth your time and expense, so you need to look for those areas where people are employed, have the means to support a mortgage, and
the resources necessary to own a home. That may include those who are close to retirement, but on the other hand, those nearing retirement may want to sell a large house that no longer includes growing children and buy a smaller one. Therefore, don't exclude those of retirement age—they may be just the ones who are looking to sell and perhaps buy
another home in a warmer climate. Real estate is not a market where you can assume you know the people in the regions because there are far too many different scenarios for anyone to know them all.


Delivering the real estate postcards is a good way to learn the neighborhood and see what other properties may be up for sale by other realtors. This also gives you a chance to meet with some of the homeowners and get a feel for what they see in their future. Speaking
with homeowners in the area can give you insight into who may be considering selling their home and the names of friends are relatives who may be looking for a home either in the neighborhood you are visiting or another one.


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