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Are Real Estate Christmas Cards Really Worth It?

There are many things that real estate agents will do over time in order to try and endear themselves to potential clients or previous clients that might be clients again at some point in the future. This includes a number of things like inviting them to parties, taking them to dinner and a number of other activities that make people feel good. If the agent gets complimentary sports tickets, they might give them to an important client in the hopes that the client will reciprocate by giving them business at some point later on. In other words, there are a number of business expenses that real estate agents will undergo in order to attempt to get at the real goal which is ultimately to make a sale.


One of the methods that many real estate agents will use is to send Christmas cards to a number of different people on their staff and on their list of potential or past customers. Real estate Christmas cards are ordered by the hundreds and in some cases even by the thousands as agents scramble to place orders in order to get the cards out to their customers. One of the recent questions that have been asked by a lot of real estate agents however is whether or not the Christmas cards are really worth it.


Even amongst real estate agents that are top class in their field, the facts and the opinions differ. When you look at one real estate agent, they might say that the Christmas cards really helped and when you look at a completely different one, they might say that they really weren’t that helpful at all. Real estate Christmas cards are purely intended to make a client feel good, but the question that many have started asking now is whether or not that actually works. Do they actually make most clients feel good?


Well, we have come to the point where most free societies in the world today are very diverse and in fact real estate Christmas cards might actually be offensive to some. People that are of religions that do not celebrate Christmas are people that might not enjoy receiving a Christmas card and because places like India tend to have as large a religious diversity as Western societies, it is very difficult to tell just from a name what religion a person might belong to nowadays.


The obvious alternative of course is to send a general holiday greeting, but that might end up offending people that do celebrate Christmas and received a Christmas card from you last year. This is where it becomes very tricky and many real estate agents have decided that they are just not going to send them and avoid all of those problems altogether.


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