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Inject A Little Humor In Your Marketing Effort

Successful agents know that direct mail is an integral part of a continuing marketing campaign and monthly postcards can help keep your name in front of potential buyers and sellers in your market. Many are turning to humorous real estate postcards to send out monthly with a different message for every month of the year, using the seasonal approach to the business.


While humor is often subjective, even bad humor can leave an impression and keep your name in the minds of your future customers. The recipients may groan at a few of your choices, but they will look forward to the monthly holiday reminder and your ability to inject a little humor into the business of real estate. There are numerous resources for humorous real estate postcards and you will need to sort them to find the right humor that fits your personality, letting your potential customers believe they can count on you to take the drudgery out of shopping for a new home.


Many of these same companies also offer mailing services to make sure your cards go out on a regular schedule. They can be aimed at first and second time buyers and well as sellers and drive home the point that you are there to help them with their real estate needs. As online and do—it-yourself services begin to grow, maintaining a personal relationship in the real estate business is important and since many of the successful agents do not have the time to personally visit each person on their contact list. Sending postcards can be a gentle reminder that you are there for them when the time comes to sell or buy a new home.


A card with a drawing of a couple walking down aisles of doll-size houses in a retail store can bear a message about how difficult it can be to shop for a new home, adding that you are there to help them find the right house to fit their family’s need. While many may not be thought of as pictures suitable for framing, they could make their way onto the refrigerator behind a magnet, hopefully one with your name on it, until the next humorous real estate postcards arrive for the next season.


How long you choose to maintain a specific mail marketing campaign will depend on your financial resources as well as the response, but one thing is for sure, is that a single mailing rarely has the same effect as a continuing effort. Maintaining the mailing list will be your responsibility and keeping it updated cam prevent your cards from being forwarded to a recent home buyer about finding a new home. The impression of being behind in your contacts is one that can make people laugh at your cards before they throw them away.


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