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How to Use Postcards, Mailings, Real Estate and Mortgage Companies to Your

As a real estate agent, you have several different ways that you can work the market in order to turn it in your favor. You have to learn how to use postcards, mailings, real estate and mortgage companies in order to get the best of everything. Remember, as an agent, you can work with other realtors, and you can choose the mortgage companies with whom you wish to work in order to obtain the best possible deal on interest and costs for your buyer. That is the job you wish to accomplish—to bring together buyer and seller and get the buyer the lowest interest rate and best mortgage terms that are possible. This is why it is a good idea for buyer and seller to have different agents—to allow for the buyer's agent to look out for his best interests while the seller's agent is looking out for the best interests of the seller. One agent cannot possibly do justice to both any more than buyer and seller sharing a settlement attorney can provide the best of everything to both parties.


Using postcards and mailings to real estate and mortgage companies can give you a feel for the market in a given area so that you know if you even have a chance to tap into the available real estate in that area. When you're looking to expand your horizons in terms of available buyers and sellers, you want to focus your efforts on areas where you have a chance of obtaining new business. For example, it would make little sense to concentrate any effort on a subdivision where the majority of the homeowners have lived there for over twenty years, and the trend is that most of the people live there until they die or move to a nursing facility. You may possibly find a few sellers and buyers, but in this type of a community, the chances are so minimal that you would be wasting your efforts.


Make sure you target your postcards and mailings to real estate and mortgage companies who conduct business in areas that can be profitable for you and your company. That means up and coming areas where perhaps young families are moving as their first home and then moving later into a more expensive and larger home as their family grows. You may also find that in some expensive neighborhoods, when people retire they sell their expensive homes to move to smaller ones that are more manageable. These are the areas you want to target, not the ones where people move in and never move out until they have no other choice because of health or one of the dies and the other chooses to not live in the home alone.


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