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Creative Real Estate Investor Postcards Plants Possible Seeds

Regardless of the state of the local housing market, there those looking to sell their home, but they may not realize it yet. If a real estate investor waits for potential sellers to call them they may be waiting quite some time and eventually may decide the housing market has been saturated and quit trying.


The truth is, whether the investor is looking to buy single-family homes or multi-family units to sell for a quick profit, or for land holdings as rental properties, finding possible acquisitions is not as simple as reading the want ads and attending foreclosure auctions. The market has to be mined to pull interested homeowners into the pool of potential sellers. Using creative real estate investor postcards can provide the needed impetus to get a homeowners mind moving in the direction of selling.


Understand that not everyone who receives mailing will ever be interested in selling, but they may know someone who is and with a subtle mention of potential referral fees, they may pass along the postcard to someone else.


The copy used on creative real estate investor postcards has to be worded carefully and should always maintain a personal atmosphere. It needs to be addressed to the first and last names of the residents, preferably by hand or at least in a handwriting font, to indicate the agent took the time to learn to whom the mail piece is being sent. An attention-grabbing headline such as How Much Is Your Home Worth, and then offer a free, no obligation appraisal can get them thinking about the possibility of selling.


Making the piece as personal as possible will at least get their eyes on it and by seeing a return address of a company without a person to contact will usually result in zero interest. Putting a professional quality picture of the investor on the card can lend credibility to the business and also take up some space that may be filled with worthless information for which the homeowner has no interest.


The message has to be personalized, simple and to the point. Trying to cram too much information onto a postcard can have the opposite affect on potential sellers. The card should also not indicate the house is being targeted by an investor. If the homeowner thinks someone is really interested in buying their home for investment, its worth will increase, at least in the homeowner’s mind.


The use of creative real estate investor postcards is only one part of a multi-part marketing plan and if the need exists to put out more information, uses a quarterly newsletter in addition to frequent postcard mailings. Keeping the investor’s name in their mind while cultivating the notion of selling the house may produce the leads needed for investment real estate.


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