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Recent Sales in Your Area Postcards

People LOVE to know how homes are selling in their area.
Let's face it, finding new buyers and sellers of real estate is vital to your success. Our line of proven recent sales post cards does a better job than any other vehicle to make you look like a true expert in real estate. When people see the list of recent sales, they assume that you sold all those homes. They also look very closely, because they are interested in finding out what their home is worth. Many people will pick up the phone and call you to ask about their home after seeing one of these cards.

Our Recent Sales in Your Area Postcards will make you look like a true marketing professional.
Choose from many different designs and marketing messages. Mix and match from one mailing to the next. Keep it fresh and be consistent. Mix up your recent sale postcard mailings with other marketing messages, such as Just Listed postcards, Just Sold Post cards, Holiday postcards or Seasonal postcards. Plan to do at least one mailing every month to each area you work. Mailing these responsive postcards will help to keep your pipeline full of people ready to list their home and also people ready to buy a home.

More Postcards Equals More Money for YOU!
Sending out Real Estate Marketing cards is about more than just advertising. It is relationship building. People see your picture and your name, and they start to feel they know you. The main goal is to get your name out in the community so that other people in the same area will think of you when it is time for them to list or buy a home. The more they see your name, the better chance you have of them calling you.People want to work with successful agents, and by sending out these effective postcards, you are telling the world that you are a success. The recent sales postcards really send the message that you are successful!

Custom Designed Just for YOU!
These attractive layouts allow you to add pictures of yourself, and also one to three pictures of the property, depending on which design you choose. There is also space allotted to include your company logo, and information about the property sold. We offer three sizes for you to choose from: Small (5.5 x4.25) Large (8.5 x 5.5), and Oversized (11.5x5.5).


We offer a variety of colors and designs to fit your every need. Designing your postcard is very simple. Just choose your design, pick your color choice, and upload your photos and information. You even get to view, print, and approve a proof INSTANTLY online! No waiting for a proof to be emailed to you.

 If you ever want to re-order, we keep all your orders on file, and a simple phone call or email is all it takes!


We can also mail your postcards. We handle everything!
We can handle the entire process for you, including helping you with your mail list. It's a solution that takes the hassle out of the entire printing and mailing process. We do all the work for you to simplify your marketing efforts. All orders are shipped UPS ground unless otherwise specified, or we are doing the mailing.

Our prices are affordable and our live customer service is second to none!

How much is one new real estate sale worth to you in commissions?
$1,500? $2,500? $5,000? $10,000? Our post cards will give you leads that will lead to new sales. It's that simple. Would you spend $500 in postage a postcard cost to find a new client who is worth $3,000 to you in commissions? You bet you would!

How can you lose with an offer like that?

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