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Real estate post card marketing can help you build your business and get a response from your prospective clients. However, you need to differentiate your direct mail postcards, otherwise you will limit the customer response you will receive. Although adding value to your postcards is the easiest way to differentiate your postcards. You will get a larger response with a greater value. Consider the following real estate post card marketing sample tips to add value to your marketing post cards.


The first real estate post card marketing sample tip is have a tip of the month series. Take you knowledge of the buying or selling process and break it down into a twelve part series. By tying each month’s tip back to your buyers or sellers guide you can have a response generating device that will bring in a phone call or email.


The second tip is to use your post cards to showcase your performance. If your performance has centered on helping most clients sell at or near their full asking price then showcase this on your post cards. You don’t have to brag or boast about your accomplishments, but you can be factual about what you have accomplished. People believe in what they see so if you show them a history of your accomplishments you will be closer to getting those important phone calls and emails.


Create headlines similar to newspapers. These types of headlines have captivated readers for years. By doing this you will by capturing the attention of your prospective clients. There are now shortage of headlines for your to use. Just pick a current news item in real estate and headline it on your post cards with a short explanation and then lead them back to you for more information.


Next you should make an offer and not the standard, common free consultation. In addition the free obligation offer has been worn out as well. Find a strong offer for your prospective clients and make sure it is something of value to them. Offer a homebuyer’s guide with tips to people who are buying a home for the first time. The free offers are limitless and you can easily find one that will work for you.


The final real estate post card marketing sample tip is to use testimonials. Nothing you say or write can compare to a genuine testimonial. If the testimonial is coming from a source known to the individual, such as a neighbor, then you increase the power of the testimonial. Make your testimonial the top part of your postcard and then follow up with your message about how you helped the individual who gave the testimonial and then offer to do the same thing for individuals who contact you with similar needs.


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